Feel free to experience fasting, which is notable for detoxification, dieting, and improving your physical condition, constitution, and lifestyle, at Sakura Garden Hotel, which is fully equipped with facilities and support.



Let’s try Fasting! But…
Do you have such an experience?

  • When I'm fasting at home, my family is eating rice and sweets, and I'm hung up and eat!
  • I tried it on my own for the purpose of dieting, but it was painful and rebounded!
  • I learned about fasting online and in books, but I don't know the right way.
Would you like to have a safe and reliable success experience with the Fasting plan of Sakura Garden Hotel?

Reassuring points

  • Doctor-supervised program
    And follow


  • Health coach


  • Increase the effect

    The schedule for the duration of your stay is set to be more effective. With the support of the staff, you can rest assured even for the first time.

Supervised by experienced professionals

  • Doctor
    health coach

    Yasunori Tanaka

    He refined his skills as an anesthesiologist at Kanazawa Medical University Hospital and is involved in 4,000 surgeries a year.

    When he was just starting out as a doctor, he collapsed from overwork due to hard work, was diagnosed with an intractable disease, and was hospitalized for a long time. Taking advantage of his position and experience as an intractable disease patient, he learned "the latest preventive medicine" and devised a method that allows him to change his body even when he is busy by systematizing the combination with "time technique". He has also lost 13kg in 6 months.

    Based on his actual experience, he systematized the content proven by domestic and foreign papers and clinical results, and started his activities as a health coach.

  • health coach
    Asami Hirono

    While at the hospital, it was effective in relieving symptoms at that time, but when he felt doubtful that it was not a fundamental solution, he encountered preventive medicine and became absorbed in the fascination of how the body works. He is working as a health coach to spread preventive medicine throughout Japan, as the practice of fasting and changing his diet and sleep will bring about positive changes in his body.

    Mainly individual and group consulting, we provide coaching that is close to each person's constitution and health issues.

Efficacy of fasting

It is believed that abstaining from food removes excess toxins from the body and brings out the original self-healing power. It is said to be the ultimate anti-aging agent, and is expected to have beautiful skin, lustrous hair, and prevent cancer.

  • Immunity UP
  • weight loss
  • clean the large intestine
  • clean the blood
  • tones the skin
  • I can breathe
  • clean the liver
  • rest the organs
  • expel toxins

Schedule during your stay

Schedule during your stay

Help gentle fasting
Discerning accommodation items

Bone broth soup

A soup made by slowly boiling organic vegetables and chicken broth grown in organic and flat poultry farming for 20 hours.

rock salt

We offer Himalayan rock salt with plenty of minerals. Not only does it help you feel hungry, it also keeps you healthy.

Herb tea

Please enjoy herbal tea with a sleep-inducing effect. A fragrant and easy-to-drink herbal tea that uses only carefully selected organic tea leaves and herbs.

Salad with plenty of ingredients to please your body

Refresh your body with a salad made from carefully selected ingredients. Serve with salt and pepper and organic olive oil.※The image is an image.

Customer Reviews
Voice of the experiencer

初めてのファスティングで不安でしたが、カウンセリングをうけて安心でした。スタッフも明るく親切です。 バスソルトとアロマに好きな香りのものを選べてが嬉しかったです。

Mr. M, an office worker in his 20s

Challenge with the hope that it will be effective in anti-aging. The hotel room was spacious and I was able to relax. The included amenities are also cute and will make you feel better.

Designer R in his 40s

Experienced failing in self-styled fasting. By counseling with the trainer, I was able to control my hunger well.

30s sales business K

I tried to get rid of corona fatness. I thought it would be easier to increase the desire to do my best in a different environment.

Mr. T, an office worker in his 40s

After carefully working on fasting with this accommodation plan, the rough skin that I was worried about improved. In addition to knowledge, I got results that I could experience.

Self-employed in their 30s A

Room & Facility


Please take this opportunity to experience a special bedrock bath room that combines highly effective radium (negative ions), germanium (regulates bioelectric current), tourmaline (far infrared rays), and maifan stone (water purification).

Free use of bedrock bath room

The far-infrared rays from the warmed natural stones gradually warm the body, and the bedrock bath, which activates sweating and metabolism, reduces the burden on the body and allows you to detox while relaxing.


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  • ファスティングにピッタリな旬の食材サラダを準備食でご用意しております。MCTオイル・ヒマラヤ岩塩・オリーブオイルでお召し上がりください。

  • ファスティング期間中にお召し上がりいただく「ボーンブロススープ」はファスティングに必要な良質な脂質が含まれております。

  • Relax in our newly refurbished lobby.

  • A spacious bath where you can stretch your legs with a family size bathtub. The separate toilet is a nice point.

  • 究極の眠りを追及するシモンズベッドを全室導入。

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