Are you going to schedule GW?
We greet you from Sakura Garden Hotel.
The cherry blossom season has gone by too quickly...
Have you been cherry-blossom viewing?
Well, the next event is GW ♪ ♪
Have you made plans anywhere yet?
There are still vacant rooms in GW, so you can make a reservation with confidence in our Hotel!
The train is convenient for going out (^ ^ /
On Hankyu / Hanshin Train, 1Day Pass is available for adults for 1,200 yen for an ad-hoc train one day ride.
You can go to Kobe and Kyoto soon.
The other day, guests from abroad went to play in the Kobe Ijinkan buildings (former foreign residences) area ♪
It's convenient to access from Sakura Garden Hotel to there, so why don't you go to sightseeing?
We will serve you to tourist information when you ask at the front desk.
Kaido Kitano Kitano Kitagane Hall