Forecast calendar of the Cherry blossom's flowering season
2017 Cherry blossom forecast calendar

Flower viewing spot near the Sakura Garden Hotel

Furuma Sakuranomiya Park

Kema Sakuranomiya Park - 2 minutes walk from the hotel

【best time to see】Between April 1 to 15

Riverside park of water, green and cherry blossom. There are retro buildings such as mints, plaza of water, promenade, and so on. It's also ideal for walks and jogging.

Approximately 4,800 cherry blossom trees such as Someiyoshino (the classic cherry flowers), Yamazakura and Satozakura are planted around Tenmabashi to Sakuranomiya Bridge (Silver Bridge). Until late at night, many people are crowded there to see.

Mint morning sakura walk through

Walkthrough of cherry blossom in the mint bureau - 18 minutes walk from the hotel
7 days from April 11 (Tuesday) to April 17 (Monday) Heisei 29
Weekday: 10 am - 9 pm / Saturday - Sunday: 9 am - 9 pm

"Walkthrough of cherry blossom" that is open to the public every week for a limited time in accordance with the flowering time of cherry blossoms.
Walkthrough of cherry blossom in the mint bureau is the most popular cherry-blossom viewing spot in the 4th place in Japan and 1st in Osaka Prefecture.

It has been open since 1883,
It is 131 th this year. There are 350 kinds of 134 varieties in total.
About 80% of them are double cherry blossoms (Satozakura).

During the exhibition, it will be a one way (distance of about 560 meters) from the Minamimon gate (Temmabashi side) to the north gate (Sakuranomiya bridge side). It is about 1 km from the hotel, so it is also recommended as a walking course.

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